KJV Dictionary Definition: contribute


CONTRIBUTE, v.t. L., to grant, assign, or impart. See Tribe, Tribute.

1. To give or grant in common with others; to give a common stock or for a common purpose; to pay a share.

England contributes much more than any other of the allies.

It is the duty of Christians to contribute a portion of their substance for the propagation of the gospel.

2. To impart a portion or share to a common purpose.

Let each man contribute his influence to correct public morals.

CONTRIBUTE, v.i. To give a part; to lend a portion of power, aid or influence; to have a share in any act or effect.

There is not a single beauty in the piece, to which the invention must not contribute.


CONTRIBUTED, pp. Given or advanced to a common fund, stock or purpose; paid as a share.


CONTRIBUTING, ppr. Giving in common with others to some stock or purpose; imparting a share.



1. The act of giving to a common stock, or in common with others; the act of lending a portion of power or influence to a common purpose; the payment of each mans share of some common expense.

2. That which is given to a common stock or purpose, either by an individual or by many. We speak of the contribution of one person, or the contribution of a society. Contributions are involuntary, as taxes and imposts; or voluntary, as for some undertaking.

3. In a military sense, impositions paid by a frontier country, to secure themselves from being plundered by the enemys army; or impositions upon a country in the power of an enemy, which are levied under various pretenses, and for various purposes, usually for the support of the army.


CONTRIBUTIVE, a. Tending to contribute; contributing; having the power or quality of giving a portion of aid or influence; lending aid to promote, in concurrence with others.

This measure is contributive to the same end.