KJV Dictionary Definition: contradict


CONTRADICT, v.t. L., to speak.

1. To oppose by words; to assert the contrary to what has been asserted, or to deny what has been affirmed.

It is not lawful to contradict a point of history known to all the world.

The Jews--spoke against those things which were spoken by Paul, contradicting and blaspheming. Acts 13.

2. To oppose; to be directly contrary to.

No truth can contradict another truth.


CONTRADICTED, pp. Opposed in words; opposed; denied.


CONTRADICTER, n. One who contradicts or denies; an opposer.


CONTRADICTING, ppr. Affirming the contrary to what has been asserted; denying; opposing.



1. An assertion of the contrary to what has been said or affirmed; denial; contrary declaration.

2. Opposition, whether by words, reproaches or attempts to defeat.

Consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself. Hebrews 12.

3. Direct opposition or repugnancy; inconsistency with itself; incongruity or contrariety of things, words, thoughts or propositions. These theorems involve a contradiction.

If we perceive truth, we thereby perceive whatever is false in contradiction to it.


CONTRADICTIONAL, a. Inconsistent. Not in use.