KJV Dictionary Definition: contemn


CONTEMN, v.t. L., to despise; to drive away.

1. To despise; to consider and treat as mean and despicable; to scorn.

In whose eyes a vile person is contemned. Psalm 15.

2. To slight; to neglect as unworthy of regard; to reject with disdain.

Wherefore do the wicked contemn God. Psalm 10.

They contemn the counsel of the Most High. Psalm 107.


CONTEMNED, pp. Despised; scorned; slighted; neglected, or rejected with disdain.


CONTEMNER, n. One who contemns; a despiser; a scorner.


CONTEMNING, ppr. Despising; slighting as vile or despicable; neglecting or rejecting, as unworthy of regard.