KJV Dictionary Definition: consumption


CONSUMPTION, n. L. See Consume.

1. The act of consuming; waste; destruction by burning, eating, devouring, scattering, dissipation, slow decay, or by passing away, as time; as the consumption of fuel, of food, of commodities or estate, of time, &c.

2. The state of being wasted, or diminished.

Etna and Vesuvius have not suffered any considerable diminution or consumption.

3. In medicine, a wasting of flesh; a gradual decay or diminution of the body; a word of extensive signification. But particularly, the disease called phthisis pulmonalis, pulmonic consumption, a disease seated in the lungs, attended with hectic fever, cough, &c.



1. Destructive; wasting; exhausting; having the quality of consuming, or dissipating; as a long consumptive war.

2. Affected with a consumption or pumonic disease, as consumptive lungs; or inclined to a consumption; tending to the phthisis pulmonalis; applied to the incipient state of the disease, or to a constitution predisposed to it.


CONSUMPTIVELY, adv. In a way tending to consumption.


CONSUMPTIVENESS, n. A state of being consumptive, or a tendency to a consumption.