KJV Dictionary Definition: constellate


CONSTELLATE, v.i. Low L., to shine, a star. To join luster; to shine with united radiance or one general light. Little used.

The several things which engage our affections shine forth and constellate in God.

CONSTELLATE, v.t. To unite several shining bodies in one splendor. Little used.



1. United in one splendor.

2. Starry; set or adorned with stars or constellations.



1. A cluster of fixed stars; an asterism; a number of stars which appear as if situated near each other in the heavens, and are considered as forming a particular division. The constellations are reduced mostly to the figures of certain animals or other known things, as the bear, the bull, the ram, the balance, &c.

For the stars of heaven, and the constellations thereof, shall not give their light. Isaiah 13.

2. An assemblage of splendors or excellencies.