KJV Dictionary Definition: consort


CONSORT, n. L., sort, state, kind.

1. A companion; a partner; an intimate associate; particularly, a partner of the bed; a wife or husband.

He single chose to live, and shunnd to wed, well pleased to want a consort of his bed.

2. An assembly or association of persons, convened for consultation.

3. Union; conjunction; concurrence.

4. A number of instruments played together; a symphony; a concert. In this sense, concert is now used.

5. In navigation, any vessel keeping company with another.

Queen consort, the wife of a king, as distinguished from a queen regent, who rules alone, and a queen dowager, the widow of a king.

CONSORT, v.i. To associate; to unite in company; to keep company; followed by with.

Which of the Grecian chiefs consorts with thee.


CONSORTABLE, a. Suitable.


CONSORTED, pp. United in marriage.


CONSORTING, ppr. Uniting in company with; associating.


CONSORTION, n. Fellowship. Not used.