KJV Dictionary Definition: congregate


CONGREGATE, v.t. L., a herd. See Gregarious. To collect separate persons or things into an assemblage; to assemble; to bring into one place, or into a crowd or united body; as, to congregate men or animals; to congregate waters or sands.

CONGREGATE, v.i. To come together; to assemble; to meet.

Equals with equals often congregate.

CONGREGATE, a. Collected; compact; close. Little used.


CONGREGATED, pp. Collected; assembled in one place.


CONGREGATING, ppr. Collecting; assembling; coming together.



1. The act of bringing together, or assembling.

2. A collection or assemblage of separate things; as a congregation of vapors.

3. More generally, an assembly or persons; and appropriately, an assembly of persons met for the worship of God, and for religious instruction.

4. An assembly of rulers. Numbers 35.

5. An assembly of ecclesiastics or cardinals appointed by the pope; as the congregation of the holy office, &c. Also, a company or society of religious cantoned out of an order.

6. An academical assembly for transacting business of the university.


CONGREGATIONAL, a. Pertaining to a congregation; appropriately used of such Christians as hold to church government by consent and election, maintaining that each congregation is independent of others, and has the right to choose its own pastor and govern itself; as a congregational church, or mode of worship.