KJV Dictionary Definition: confound


CONFOUND, v.t. L., to pour out. Literally, to pour or throw together.

1. To mingle and blend different things, so that their forms or natures cannot be distinguished; to mix in a mass or crowd, so that individuals cannot be distinguished.

2. To throw into disorder.

Let us go down, and there confound their language. Genesis 11.

3. To mix or blend, so as to occasion a mistake of one thing for another.

A fluid body and a wetting liquor, because they agree in many things, are wont to be confounded.

Men may confound ideas with words.

4. To perplex; to disturb the apprehension by indistinctness of ideas or words.

Men may confound each other by unintelligible terms or wrong application of words.

5. To abash; to throw the mind into disorder; to cast down; to make ashamed.

Be thou confounde and ber thy shame. Ezekiel 16.

Saul confounded the Jews at Damascus. Acts 9.

6. To perplex with terror; to terrify; to dismay; to astonish; to throw into consternation; to stupify with amazement.

So spake the Son of God; and Satan stood a while as mute confounded what to say.

The multitude came together and were confounded. Acts 2.

7. To destroy; to overthrow.

So deep a malice to confound the race of mankind in one root.



1. Mixed or blended in disorder; perplexed; abashed; dismayed; put to shame and silence; astonished.

2. Enormous; as a confounded tory. Vulgar.


CONFOUNDER, n. One who confounds; one who disturbs the mind, perplexes, refutes, frustrates and puts to shame or silence; one who terrifies.


CONFOUNDING, ppr. Mixing and blending; putting into disorder; perplexing; disturbing the mind; abashing, and putting to shame and silence; astonishing.