KJV Dictionary Definition: confer


CONFER', v.i. L., to bear, to bring forth, to show, to declare. See Bear. To discourse; to converse; to consult together; implying conversation on some serious or important subject, in distinction from mere talk or light familiar conversation; followed by with.

Adonijah conferred with Joab and Abiathar. I Kings 1.

Festus conferred with the council. Acts 25.

CONFER', v.t.

1. To give, or bestow; followed by on.

Coronation confers on the king no royal authority.

This word is particularly used to express the grant of favors, benefits and privileges to be enjoyed, or rights which are to be permanent; as, to confer on one the privileges of a citizen; to confer a title or an honor.

2. To compare; to examine by comparison; literally, to bring together. See Compare.

If we confer these observations with others of the like nature.

This sense, though genuine, is now obsolete.

3. To contribute; to conduce to; that is, to bring to. The closeness of parts confers much to the strength of the union, or intransitively, confers to the strength of the union.


CON'FERENCE, n. See Confer.

1. The act of conversing on a serious subject; a discoursing between two or more, for the purpose of instruction, consultation, or deliberation; formal discourse; oral discussion.

For they who seemed to be somewhat, in conference added nothing to me. Galatians 2.

The ministers had a conference at Ratisbon.

2. A meeting for consultation, discussion or instruction.

3. Comparison; examination of things by comparison.

The mutual conference of observations. The conference of different passages of scripture.

This sense is, I believe, now obsolete.


CONFER'RED, pp. Given; imparted; bestowed.


CONFER'RING, ppr. Conversing together; bestowing.