KJV Dictionary Definition: concise


CONCISE, a. L., cut off, brief, to cut. See Class Gd. No. 2. 4. 8. 49. 59. Brief; short, applied to language or stile; containing few words; comprehensive; comprehending much in few words, or the principal matters only.

The concise stile, which expresseth not enough, but leaves somewhat to be understood.

Where the author is too brief and concise, amplify a little.

In Genesis, we have a concise account of the creation.


CONCISELY, adv. Briefly; in few words; comprehensively.


CONCISENESS, n. Brevity in speaking or writing.

Conciseness should not be studied at the expense of perspicuity.


CONCISION, n. L., to cut off. Literally, a cutting off. Hence, In scripture, the Jews or those who adhered to circumcision, which, after our Saviors death, was no longer a seal of the covenant, but a mere cutting of the flesh.

Beware of dogs; beware of the concision. Philippians 3.