KJV Dictionary Definition: conceivable


CONCEIVABLE, a. See Conceive.

1. That may be imagined, or thought; capable of being framed in the mind by the fancy or imagination.

If it were possible to contrive an invention, whereby any conceivable weight may be moved by any conceivable power.

2. That may be understood or believed.

It is not conceivable, that it should be the very person, whose shape and voice it assumed.


CONCEIVABLENESS, n. The quality of being conceivable.


CONCEIVABLY, adv. In a conceivable or intelligible manner.


CONCEIVE, v.t. L., to take.

1. To receive into the womb, and breed; to begin the formation of the embryo or fetus of animal.

Then shall she be free and conceive seed. Numbers 5. Hebrew 11.

Elisabeth hath conceived a son in her old age. Luke 1.

In sin did my mother conceive me. Psalm 51.

2. To form in the mind; to imagine; to devise.

They conceive mischief and bring forth vanity. Job 15.

Nebuchadnezzar hath conceived a purpose against you. Jeremiah 49.

3. To form an idea in the mind; to understand; to comprehend.

We cannot conceive the manner in which spirit operates upon matter.

4. To think; to be of opinion; to have an idea; to imagine.

You can hardly conceive this man to have been bred in the same climate.


1. To have a fetus formed in the womb; to breed; to become pregnant.

Thou shalt conceive and bear a son. Judges 13.

2. To think; to have a conception or idea.

Conceive of things clearly and distinctly in their own natures. The grieved commons hardly conceive of me.

3. To understand; to comprehend; to have a complete idea of; as, I cannot conceive by what means this event has been produced.


CONCEIVED, pp. Formed in the womb; framed in the mind; devised; imagined; understood.


CONCEIVER, n. One that conceives; one that comprehends.


CONCEIVING, ppr. Forming a fetus in the womb; framing in the mind; imagining; devising; thinking; comprehending.

CONCEIVING, n. Apprehension; conception.

CONCEIVING, n. Apprehension; conception.