KJV Dictionary Definition: coffer



1. A chest or trunk; and as a chest is customarily used for keeping money, hence,

2. A chest of money; a treasure.

3. In architecture, a square depression or sinking in each interval between the modillions of the Corinthian cornice, ordinarily filled with a rose, a pomegranate or other enrichment.

4. In fortification, a hollow lodgment across a dry moat, from 6 to 7 feet deep and from 16 to 18 broad; the upper part made of pieces of timber, raised two feet above the level of the moat; which little elevation has hurdles laden with earth for its covering, and serves as a parapet with embrasures. It is raised by the besieged to repulse besiegers when they endeavor to pass the ditch.


COFFERED, pp. Laid up in a coffer.


COFFERER, n. The Cofferer of the kings household in Great Britain, a principal officer of the court, next under the Controller. He was also a white-staff officer, and a member of the privy council. He had the special charge and oversight of the other officers of the household. This office is now suppressed, and the business is transacted by the lord steward and paymaster of the household.