KJV Dictionary Definition: cloudiness



1. The state of being overcast with clouds; as the cloudiness of the atmosphere.

2. Obscurity; gloom; want of brightness.

3. Darkness of appearance; variegation of colors in a fossil or other body.

4. Appearance of gloom or sullenness; as cloudiness of aspect.



1. Overcast with clouds; obscured with clouds; as a cloudy day; a cloudy sky; a cloudy night.

2. Consisting of a cloud or clouds; as a cloudy pillar. Ex. 33:9.

3. Obscure; dark; not easily understood; as cloudy and confused notions.

4. Having the appearance of gloom; indicating gloom, anxiety, sullenness, or illnature; not open or cheerful; as cloudy looks.

5. Indicating gloom or sullenness; as cloudy wrath.

6. Marked with veins or spots of dark or various hues, as marble.

7. Not bright; as a cloudy diamond.