KJV Dictionary Definition: clap


CLAP, v.t.

1. To strike with a quick motion, so as to make a noise by the collision; to strike with something broad, or having a flat surface; as, to clap the hands; to clap the wings.

2. To thrust or drive together; to shut hastily; followed by to; as, to clap to the door or gate.

3. To thrust or drive together; to put one thing to another by a hasty or sudden motion; followed by to, on or in; as, to clap the hand to the mouth; to clap spurs to a horse; to clap on a saddle.

4. To thrust; to put, place or send; followed by in, into, under, over, &c.; as, to clap one under the hatches; to clap one into Bedlam; to clap a board over a pit.

5. To applaud; to manifest approbation or praise by striking the hands together; as, to clap a performance on the stage.

6. To infect with venereal poison.

To clap up, to make or complete hastily; as, to clap up a peace.

To imprison hastily, or with little delay.

CLAP, v.i.

1. To move or drive together suddenly with noise.

The doors around me clapt.

2. To enter on with alacrity and briskness; to drive or thrust on; as we say to reapers or mowers, clap in, or clap to, that is, enter on the work, begin without delay, begin briskly.

3. To strike the hands together in applause.

Bid them clap.

CLAP, n.

1. A driving together; a thrust and collision of bodies with noise, usually bodies with broad surfaces.

Give the door a clap.

2. A sudden act or motion; a thrust.

Pay all debts at one clap.

3. A burst of sound; a sudden explosion; as a clap of thunder.

4. An act of applause; a striking of hands to express approbation.

5. A venereal infection.

6. With falconers, the nether part of the beak of a hawk.


CLAPPED, pp. Thrust or put on or together; applauded by striking the hands together; infected with the venereal disease.


CLAPPING, ppr. Driving or putting on, in, over, or under, by a sudden motion; striking the hands together.