KJV Dictionary Definition: chide


CHIDE, v.t.

1. To scold at; to reprove; to utter words in anger, or by way of disapprobation; to rebuke; as, to chide one for his faults.

2. To blame; to reproach; as, to chide folly or negligence.

To chide from or chide away, is to drive away by scolding or reproof.

CHIDE, v.i.

1. To scold; to clamor; to find fault; to contend in words of anger; sometimes followed by with.

The people did chide with Moses. Ex. 17.

2. To quarrel.

3. To make a rough, clamorous, roaring noise; as the chiding flood.

CHIDE, n. Murmur; gentle noise.


CHIDING, ppr. Scolding; clamoring; rebuking; making a harsh or continued noise.

CHIDING, n. A scolding or clamoring; rebuke; reproof.


CHIDINGLY, adv. In a scolding or reproving manner.