KJV Dictionary Definition: chapel



1. A house for public worship; primarily, a private oratory, or house of worship belonging to a private person. In Great Britain there are several sorts of chapels; as parochial chapels, distinct from the mother church; chapels which adjoin to and are a part of the church; such were formerly built by honorable persons for burying places; chapels of ease, built in large parishes for the accommodation of the inhabitants; free chapels, which were founded by the kings of England; chapels in the universities, belonging to particular colleges; domestic chapels, built by noblemen or gentlemen for the use of their families.

2. A printers workhouse; said to be so called because printing was first carried on in a chapel.

CHAPEL, v.t. To deposit in a chapel.


CHAPELLING, n. The act of turning a ship round in a light breeze of wind, when close hauled, so that she will lie the same way as before.