KJV Dictionary Definition: channel



1. In a general sense, a passage; a place of passing or flowing; particularly, a water course.

2. The place where a river flows, including the whole breadth of the river. But more appropriately, the deeper part or hollow in which the principal current flows.

3. The deeper part of a strait, bay, or harbor, where the principal current flows, either of tide or fresh water, or which is the most convenient for the track of a ship.

4. That through which any thing passes; means of passing, conveying, or transmitting; as, the news was conveyed to us by different channels.

5. A gutter or furrow in a column.

6. An arm of the sea; a straight or narrow sea, between two continents, or between a continent and an isle; as the British or Irish channel.

7. Channels of a ship. See Chain-wales.

CHANNEL, v.t. To form a channel; to cut channels in; to groove; as, to channel a field or a column.


CHANNELED, pp. Having channels; grooved longitudinally.


CHANNELING, ppr. Cutting channels; grooving longitudinally.