KJV Dictionary Definition: ceremonial


CEREMONIAL, a. See Ceremony.

1. Relating to ceremony, or external rite; ritual; according to the forms of established rites; as ceremonial exactness. It is particularly applied to the forms and rites of the Jewish religion; as the ceremonial law or worship, as distinguished from the moral and judicial law.

2. Formal; observant of old forms; exact; precise in manners.

In this sense, ceremonious is now used.


1. Outward form; external rite, or established forms or rites, including all the forms prescribed; a system of rules and ceremonies, enjoined by law or established by custom, whether in religious worship, in social intercourse, or in the courts of princes.

2. The order for rites and forms in the Romish church, or the book containing the rules prescribed to be observed on solemn occasions.


CEREMONIALLY, adv. According to rites and ceremonies; as a person ceremonially unclean; an act ceremonially unlawful.



1. Consisting of outward forms and rites; as the ceremonious part of worship. In this sense, ceremonial is now used.

2. Full of ceremony or solemn forms.

3. According to the rules and forms prescribed or customary; civil; formally respectful. Ceremonious phrases.

4. Formal; according to the rules of civility; as, to take a ceremonious leave.

5. Formal; exact; precise; too observant of forms.


CEREMONIOUSLY, adv. In a ceremonious manner; formally; with due forms.


CEREMONIOUSNESS, n. The use of customary forms; the practice of too much ceremony; great formality in manners.



1. Outward rite; external form in religion.

2. Forms of civility; rules established by custom for regulating social intercourse.

3. Outward forms of state; the forms prescribed or established by order or custom, serving for the purpose of civility or magnificence, as in levees of princes, the reception of ambassadors, &c.

Master of ceremonies, an officer who superintends the reception of ambassadors. A person who regulates the forms to be observed by the company or attendants on a public occasion.