KJV Dictionary Definition: cave


CAVE, n. A hollow place in the earth; a subterraneous cavern; a den. This may be natural or artificial. The primitive inhabitants of the earth, in many countries, lived in caves; and the present inhabitants of some parts of the earth, especially in the high northern latitudes, occupy caves, particularly in winter.

Lot dwelt in a cave, he and his daughters. Gen. 19.

Caves were also used for the burial of the dead.

Abraham buried Sarah in the cave of the field of Machpelab. Gen. 23.

Bacon applies the word to the ear, the cave of the ear; but this application is unusual.

CAVE, v.t. To make hollow.

CAVE, v.i. To dwell in a cave.

To cave in, to fall in and leave a hollow, as earth on the side of a well or pit. When in digging into the earth, the side is excavated by a falling of a quantity of earth, it is said to cave in.