KJV Dictionary Definition: carve


CARVE, v.t.

1. To cut into small pieces or slices, as meat at tale.

2. To cut wood, stone or other material into some particular form, with an instrument, usually a chisel; to engrave; to cut figures or devices on hard materials.

3. To make or shape by cutting; as, to carve an image.

4. To apportion; to distribute; to provide at pleasure; to select and take, as to ones self, or to select and give to another.

5. To cut; to hew.

To care out, is to cut out, or to lay out, by design; to plan.

CARVE, v.t.

1. To cut up meat; followed sometimes by for; as, to carve for all the quests.

2. To exercise the trade of a sculptor.

3. To engrave or cut figures.

CARVE, n. A carucate.


CARVED, pp. Cut or divided; engraved; formed by carving.


CARVING, ppr. Cutting, dividing, as meat; cutting in stone, wood or metal; apportioning; distributing.

CARVING, n. The act of cutting, as meat; the act or art of cutting figures in wood or stone; sculpture; figures carved.