KJV Dictionary Definition: busied


BUSIED, pp. of busy; pron. biz'zied.


BUSINESS, n. biz'ness. See Busy. Employment; that which occupies the time, attention and labor of men, for the purpose of profit or improvement--a word of extensive use and indefinite signification. Business is a particular occupation, as agriculture, trade, mechanic art, or profession, and when used of a particular employment, the word admits of the plural number, businesses. Business is also any temporary employment.

1. Affairs; concerns; as, a man leaves his business in an unsettled state.

2. The subject of employment; that which engages the care and attention.

You are so much the business of our souls.

3. Serious engagement; important occupation,in distinction from trivial affairs.

It should be the main business of life to serve God, and obey his commands.

4. Concern; right of action or interposing.

"What business has a man with the disputes of others?"

5. A point; a matter of question; something to be examined or considered.

Fitness to govern is a perplexed business.

6. Something to be done; employment of importance to one's interest, opposed to amusement; as, we have no business in town.

They were far from the Zidonians and had no business with any one.

7. Duty, or employment that duty enjoins. A lawyer's business is to do justice to his clients.

To do the business for a man, is to kill, destroy or ruin him.


BUSY, a. biz'zy.

1. Employed with constant attention; engaged about something that renders interruption inconvenient; as, a man is busy in posting his books.

My mistress is busy and cannot come.

2. Actively employed; occupied without cessation; constantly in motion; as a busy bee.

3. Active in that which does not concern the person; meddling with or prying into the affairs of others; officious; importunate;hence, troublesome; vexatious.

4. Much occupied with employment; as a busy day.

BUSY, v.t. biz'zy. To employ with constant attention; to keep engaged; to make or keep busy; as, to busy one's self with books.

To be busied with genue and species.