KJV Dictionary Definition: bushel


BUSH'EL, n. A dry measure, containing eight gallons, or four pecks. The standard English bushel,by Stat.12 . Henry VII., contains eight gallons of wheat, each gallon eight pounds of wheat, troy weight, the pound, twelve ounces troy, the ounce, twenty sterlings, and the sterling,thirty two grains of wheat growing in the middle of the ear. The contents are 2145.6 solid inches, equivalent to 1131 ounces and 14 pennyweights troy.

The English bushel is used also in the U. States.

Bushel signifies both the quantity or capacity, and the vessel which will contain the quantity.

1. In popular language, a large quantity indefinitely.

2. The circle of iron in the nave of a wheel; in America, called a box. See Bush.