KJV Dictionary Definition: buffet


BUFF'ET, n. A cupboard, or set of shelves, for plates, glass, china and other like furniture. It was formerly and is still in some parts of the country, an apartment erected on one side of a room; but in more fashionable houses,it has been laid aside, and a side board substituted, which is now considered as the buffet. But as far as my knowledge extends, the name has become, in a great measure, obsolete, except among the common people,by whom it is pronounced bofat.

BUFF'ET, n. A blow with the fist; a box on the ear or face; a slap.

BUFF'ET, v.t. To strike with the hand or fist; to box; to beat.

They spit in his face and buffetted him. Math.26.

1. To beat in contention; to contend against; as, to buffet the billows.

BUFF'ET, v.i. To exercise or play at boxing.


BUFF'ETED, pp. Struck; beaten. l Cor.4.11. l Pet.2.20.


BUFF'ETER, n. One who buffets; a boxer.


BUFF'ETING, ppr. Striking with the hand; boxing; contending against.

BUFF'ETING, n. A striking with the hand.

1. Contention; attack; opposition.

He seems to have been a plant of slow growth,but formed for duration, and fitted to endure the buffetings of the rudest storm.