KJV Dictionary Definition: brow


BROW, n. L. palpebra.. It is probably contracted from brg,and signifies an edge,border or projection.

1. The prominent ridge over the eye, forming an arch above the orbit. The skin of this arch or ridge is moved by muscles, which contract it in a frown and elevate it in joy or surprise. Hence, to know the brows, is to frown.

2. The hair that covers the brow forming an arch, called the eye brow.

3. The forehead. Hence, the general air of the countenance.

4. The edge of a steep place, as the brink of a river or precipice; as the brow of a hill.

5. A fringe of coppice, adjoining to the hedge of a field.

BROW, v.t. To bound; to limit; to form the edge or border of.