KJV Dictionary Definition: broad


BROAD, a. brawd. L. gradior; a root of extensive use.

1. Wide; extended in breadth, or from side to side, as distinguished from long, or extended from end to end. It is opposed to narrow; as a broad street; a broad table.

2. Wide; extensive; vast; as the broad expanse of ocean.

3. Large; as a broad mixture of falsehood.

4. Open; clear; not covered,confined or concealed; as in broad sunshine.

5. Gross; coarse; as broad mirth; broad nonsense.

6. Plain; tending to obscenity; as a broad comment.

7. Bold; not delicate; not reserved; as broad words.

8. Comprehensive.

It may be urged that the words in the constitution are broad enough to include the case.

Broad as long, equal upon the whole.


BROADNESS, n. Breadth; extent from side to side; coarseness; grossness; fulsomeness.