KJV Dictionary Definition: breech


BREECH, n. brich. See Breach and Break. The lower part of the body behind.

1. Breeches; but rarely used in the singular.

2. The hinder part of any thing.

BREECH, v.t. To put into breeches.

1. To whip on the breech.

2. See Britch.


BREECHES, n. plu. brich'es. Low L. braccoe.

A garment worn by men, covering the hips and thighs. It is now a close garment; but the word formerly was used for a loose garment, now called trowsers, laxoe braccoe.

To wear the breeches is, in the wife, to usurp the authority of the husband.


BREECHING, ppr. brich'ing. Furnishing with breeches, or with a breech. See Britch.

1. Whipping the breech; and as a noun, a whipping.

BREECHING, in gunnery on board of ships. Bee Britching.