KJV Dictionary Definition: breast


BREAST, n. brest.

1. The soft, protuberant body, adhering to the thorax, which, in females, furnishes milk for infants.

His breasts are full of milk. Job.21.24.

2. The fore part of the thorax, or the fore part of the human body between the neck and the belly.

3. The part of a breast which answers to the breast in man. This, in quadrupeds, is between the fore legs, below the neck.

4. Figuratively, the heart; the conscience; the disposition of the mind; the affections;the seat of the affections and passions.

5. Formerly,the power of singing.

BREAST, v.t. brest. To meet in front; to oppose breast to breast.


BREAST'ED, a. Having a broad breast; having a fine voice.


BREAST'ING, ppr. Meeting with the breast; opposing in front.