KJV Dictionary Definition: bolster



1. A long pillow or cushion,used to support the head of persons lying on a bed; generally laid under the pillows.

2. A pad, or quilt,used to hinder pressure,support any part of the body, or make a bandage sit easy upon a wounded part a compress.

3. In sadlery, a part of a saddle raised upon the bows or hinder part, to hold the rider's thigh.

4. In ships, a cushion or bag, filled with tarred canvas,used to preserve the stays from being worn or chafed by the masts.

BOLSTER, v.t. To support with a bolster, pillow or any soft pad or quilt.

1. To support; to hold up; to maintain.

2. To afford a bed to.


BOLSTERED, a. Swelled out.


BOLSTERER, n. A supporter.


BOLSTERING,n. A prop or support.