KJV Dictionary Definition: boat


BOAT, n.

1. A small open vessel, or water craft, usually moved by oars, or rowing. The forms, dimensions and uses of boats are very various, and some of them carry a light sail. The different kinds of boats have different names, as, long-boat,lanch, barge, pinnace,jolly-boat, cutter, yawl, ferry-boat, wherry, Moses-boat, punt, felucca, fishing-boat,perogue, &c.

2. A small vessel carrying a mast and sails; but usually described by another word, as a packet-boat, passage-boat, advice-boat. &c.

BOAT, v.t. To transport in a boat; as, to boat goods across a lake.


BOATING, ppr. Transporting in boats.

BOATING, n. The act of practice of transporting in boats.

1. In Persia, a punishment of capital offenders by laying them on the back in a boat which is covered, where they perish.