KJV Dictionary Definition: blade


BLADE, n. Gr.broad.

1. The stalk or spire of a plant,particularly of grass and corn; but applicable to the stalk of any herbaceous plant, whether green or dry.

2. A leaf. In this sense much used in the Southern States of N. America, for the leaves of maize, which are used as fodder.

3. The cutting part of an instrument, as the blade of a knife, or sword,so named from its length or breadth. Usually, it is made of iron or steel, but may be of any other metal, cast or wrought to an edge or point. Also,the broad part of an oar.

4. The blade of the shoulder,shoulder-blade, or blade-bone, is the scapula, or scapular bone. It is the broad upper bone of the shoulder, so called from its resemblance to a blade or leaf.

5. A brisk man; a bold, forward man; a rake.

BLADE, v.t. To furnish with a blade.


BLA'DED, pp. Having a blade or blades. It may be used of blade in the sense of a leaf, a spire, or the cutting part of an instrument.

1. In mineralogy, composed of long and narrow plates, like the blade of a knife.