KJV Dictionary Definition: black



1. Of the color of night; destitute of light; dark.

2. Darkened by clouds; as the heavens black with clouds.

3. Sullen; having a cloudy look or countenance.

4. Atrociously wicked; horrible; as a black deed or crime.

5. Dismal; mournful; calamitous.

Black and blue, the dark color of a bruise in the flesh, which is accompanied with a mixture of blue.

BLACK, n. That which is destitute of light or whiteness; the darkest color, or rather a destitution of all color; as, a cloth has a good black.

1. A negro; a person whose skin is black.

2. A black dress, or mourning; as, to be clothed in black.

BLACK, v.t. To make black; to blacken; to soil.


BLACK'ED, pp. Made black; soiled.


BLACK'ING, ppr. Making black.

BLACK'ING, n. A substance used for blacking shoes, variously made; any factitious matter for making things black.


BLACK'NESS, n. The quality of being black; black color; darkness; atrociousness or enormity in wickedness.