KJV Dictionary Definition: bewitch


BEWITCH', v.t. be and witch. To fascinate; to gain an ascendancy over by charms or incantation; an operation which was formerly supposed to injure the person bewitched, so that he lost his flesh, or behaved in a strange unaccountable manner; ignorant people being inclined to ascribe to evil spirits what they could not account for.

Look, how I am bewitched; behold, mine arm

Is like a blasted sapling withered up.

1. To charm; to fascinate; to please to such a degree as to take away the power of resistance.

The charms of poetry our souls bewitch.

2. To deceive and mislead by juggling tricks or imposter. Acts 8.9.


BEWITCH'ED, pp. Fascinated; charmed.


BEWITCH'ER, n. One that bewitches or fascinates.


BEWITCH'FUL, a. Alluring; fascinating.


BEWITCH'ING, ppr. Fascinating; charming.

BEWITCH'ING, a. That has power to bewitch or fascinate; that has power to control by the arts of pleasing.


BEWITCH'INGLY, adv. In a fascinating manner.


BEWITCH'MENT, n. Fascination; power of charming.