KJV Dictionary Definition: bestowal


BESTOWAL, n. A conferring; disposal. Little used.


BESTOWED, ppr. Given gratuitously; conferred; laid out; applied; deposited for safe-keeping.


BESTOWER, n. One who bestows; a giver; a disposer.


BESTOWING, ppr. Conferring gratuitously; laying out; applying; depositing in store.


BESTOWMENT, n. The act of giving gratuitously; a conferring.

God the father had committed the bestowment of the blessings purchased, to his son.

If we consider this bestowment of gifts in this view.

Whatever may be the secret counsel of his will respecting his own bestowment of saving grace.

1. That which is conferred, or given; donation.

They strengthened his hands by their liberal bestowments on him and his family.

The free and munificent bestowment of the Sovereign Judge.