KJV Dictionary Definition: belie


BELI'E, v.t. be and lie. See Lie.

1. To give the lie to; to show to be false; to charge with falsehood; as, the heart belies the tongue. It is rarely used of declarations; but of appearances and facts which show that declarations, or certain appearances and pretences are false and hypocritical. Hence.

2. To counterfeit; to mimic; to feign resemblance.

With dust, with horse's hoofs, that beat the ground,

And martial brass, belie the thunder's sound.

3. To give a false representation.

Should I do so, I should belie my thoughts.

4. To tell lies concerning; to calumniate by false reports.

Thou dost belie him, Percy.

5. To fill with lies.

Slander doth belie all corners of the world. Not legitimate


BELI'ED,pp. Falsely represented either by word or obvious evidence and indication; counterfeited; mimicked.