KJV Dictionary Definition: bath


B'ATH, n.

1. A place for bathing; a convenient vat or receptacle of water for persons to plunge or wash their bodies in. Baths are warm or tepid, hot or cold, more generally called warm and cold. They are also natural or artificial. Natural baths are those which consist of spring water, either hot or cold, which is often impregnated with iron, and called chalybeate, or with sulphur, carbonic acid, and other mineral qualities. These waters are often very efficacious in scorbutic, bilious, dyspeptic and other complaints.

2. A place in which heat is applied to a body immersed in some substance. Thus,

A dry bath is made of hot sand, ashes, salt,or other matter, for the purpose of applying heat to a body immersed in them.

A vapor bath is formed by filling an apartment with hot steam or vapor, in which the body sweats copiously, as in Russia; or the term is used for the application of hot steam to a diseased part of the body.

A metalline bath is water impregnated with iron or other metallic substance, and applied to a diseased part.

In chimistry, a wet bath is formed by hot water in which is placed a vessel containing the matter which requires a softer heat than the naked fire.

In medicine, the animal bath is made by wrapping the part affected in a warm skin just taken from an animal.

3. A house for bathing. In some eastern countries, baths are very magnificent edifices.

4. A Hebrew measure containing the tenth of a homer, or seven gallons and four pints, as a measure for liquids; and three pecks and three pints, as a dry measure.


BATHE, v.t.

1. To wash the body, or some part of it, by immersion, as in a bath; it often differs from ordinary washing in a longer application of water, to the body or to a particular part, as for the purpose of cleansing or stimulating the skin.

2. To wash or moisten, for the purpose of making soft and supple, or for cleansing, as a wound.

3. To moisten or suffuse with a liquid; as, to bathe in tears or blood.

BATHE, v.i. To be or lie in a bath; to be in water, or in other liquid, or to be immersed in a fluid, as in a bath; as, to bathe in fiery floods.


BA'THED, pp. Washed as in a bath; moistened with a liquid; bedewed.


BA'THING, ppr. Washing by immersion, or by applying a liquid; moistening; fomenting.

BA'THING, n. The act of bathing, or washing the body in water.