KJV Dictionary Definition: barbaric


BARBAR'IC, a. L. barbaricus. See Barbarian. The Romans applied this word to designate things foreign; Barbaricum aurum, gold from Asia, Virg. AEn.2.504; Barbaricoe vestes,embroidered garments from foreign nations. English writers use the word in a like sense.

Foreign; imported from foreign nations.


BARBAR'ITY, n. See Barbarian. The manners of a barbarian; savageness; cruelty; ferociousness; inhumanity.

2. Barbarism; impurity of speech. The use of the word in this sense, is now superseded by barbarism.


B'ARBARIZE, v.t. To make barbarous.

Hideous changes have barbarized France.


B'ARBAROUS, a. Uncivilized; savage; unlettered; untutored; ignorant; unacquainted with arts; stranger to civility of manners.

Thou are a roman; be not barbarous.

2. Cruel; ferocious; inhuman; as barbarous.


B'ARBAROUSLY, adv. In the manner of a barbarian; ignorantly; without knowledge or arts; contrary to the rules of speech.

2. In a savage, cruel, ferocious or inhuman manner.


B'ARBAROUSNESS, n. Rudeness or incivility of manners.

2. Impurity of language.

3. Cruelty; inhumanity; barbarity.