KJV Dictionary Definition: barb


B'ARB, n. L.barba; This is beard, with a different ending. The sense may be, that which shoots out.

1. Beard, or that which resembles it, or grows in the place of it; as the barb of a fish, the smaller claws of the polypus,&c.

2. The down, or pubes, covering the surface of some plants; or rather, a tuft or bunch of strong hairs terminating leaves.

3. Anciently, armor for horses; formerly, barbe or barde.

4. A common name of the barbary pigeon, a bird of a black or dun color.

5. A horse from Barbary, of which it seems to be a contraction.

6. The points that stand backward in an arrow, fish-hook or other instrument for piercing, intended to prevent its being extracted.

7. In botany, a straight process armed with teeth pointing backward like the sting of a bee. This is one sort of pubescence.


B'ARBE. In the military art, to fire in barbe, is to fire the cannon over the parapet, instead of firing through the embrasures.


B'ARBED, pp. See Barb.

1. Furnished with armor; as barbed steeds.

2. Bearded; jagged with hooks or points; as barbed arrows.

3. Shaved or trimmed; having the beard dressed.