KJV Dictionary Definition: bake


BAKE, v.t.


1. To heat, dry and harden, as in an oven or furnace, or under coals of fire; to dress and prepare for food, in a close place heated; as, to bake bread.

2. To dry and harden by heat, either in an oven, kiln or furnace, or by the solar rays; as, to bake bricks; to bake the ground.

BAKE, v.i. To do the work of baking; as, she brews, washes and bakes.

2. To be baked; to dry and harden in heat; as, the bread bakes, the ground bakes in a hot sun.


BA'KED, pp. Dried and hardened by heat; dressed in heat; as baked meat.


BA'KING, ppr. Drying and hardening in heat; dressing or cooking in a close place, or in heat.