KJV Dictionary Definition: babble


BAB'BLE, v.i.

1. To utter words imperfectly or indistinctly, as children.

2. To talk idly or irrationally; to talk thoughtlessly.

3. To talk much; to prate; hence to tell secrets.

4. To utter sounds frequently, incessantly, or indistinctly; as a babbling echo; a babbling stream.

BAB'BLE, v.t. To prate; to utter.

BAB'BLE, n. Idle talk; senseless prattle.



BAB'BLING, ppr. Talking idly; telling secrets.

2. Uttering a succession of murmuring sounds; as a babbling stream.

3. In hunting, babbling is when the hounds are too busy after they have found a good scent.

BAB'BLING, n. Foolish talk. 1 Tim.vi.