KJV Dictionary Definition: ash


ASH, n.

1. A well known tree, of which there are many species. There is no hermaphrodite calyx, or it is quadripartite; and no corol, or it is tetrapetalous. There are two stamens; one pistil; one seed, contained in a membranous, lanceolate capsule, and the pistil of the female flower is lanceolate. The leaves are pinnate, and the capsules grow in cluster. This wood is valuable, for fuel, as well as for timber; and the tree, when it grows in an open field, often forms, with its branches, a beautiful oval figure and a thick shade.

2. The wood of the ash tree.

ASH, a. Pertaining to or like the ash; made of ash.


ASH'ES, n. plu. Without the singular number.

1. The earthy particles of combustible substances remaining after combustion; as of wood or coal.

2. The remains of the human body when burnt. Hence figuratively, a dead body or corpse.

3. In scripture, ashes is used to denote vileness, meanness, frailty, or humiliation.

I who am but dust and ashes. Gen 18.

I abhor myself and repent in dust and ashes. Job 42.