KJV Dictionary Definition: artillery


ARTIL'LERY, n. This word has no plural.

1. In a general sense, offensive weapons of war. Hence it was formerly used for bows and arrows.

And Jonathan gave his artillery to his lad. 1Sam. 20.

But in present usage, appropriately,

2. Canon; great guns; ordinance, including guns, mortars and grenades, with their furniture of carriages, balls, bombs and shot of all kinds.

3. In a more extended sense, the word includes powder, cartridges, matches, utensils, machines of all kinds, and horses that belong to a train of artillery.

4. The men who manage cannon and mortars, including matrosses, gunners, bombardiers, cannoniers, or by whatever name they are called, with the officers, engineers and persons who supply the artillery with implements and materials.