KJV Dictionary Definition: argue


'ARGUE, v.i. L. arguo, to show, argue, accuse or convict.

1. To reason; to invent and offer reasons to support or overthrow a proposition, opinion or measure; as, A argues in favor of a measure; B argues against it.

2. To dispute; to reason with; followed by with; as, you may argue with your friend, a week, without convincing him.

'ARGUE, v.t.

1. To debate or discuss; to treat by reasoning; as, the counsel argued the cause before the supreme court; the cause was well argued.

2. To prove or evince; to manifest by inference or deduction; or to show reasons for; as, the order visible in the universe argues a divine cause.

3. To persuade by reasons; as, to argue a man into a different opinion.

4. Formerly, to accuse or charge with; a Latin sense, now obsolete; as, to argue one of profaneness.


'ARGUED, pp. Debated; discussed; evinced; accused.


'ARGUING, ppr. Inventing and offering reasons; disputing; discussing; evincing; accusing.

'ARGUING, n. Reasoning; argumentation.

What doth your arguing reprove? Job 6.


'ARGUS, n. A fabulous being of antiquity, said to have had a hundred eyes, placed by Juno to guard Io. The origin of this being may perhaps be found in the Teutonic word arg, crafty, cunning, of which the hundred eyes are symbolical.