KJV Dictionary Definition: angel


AN'GEL, n. Usually pronounced angel, but most anomalously. L. angelus; Gr. a messenger, to tell or announce.

1. Literally, a messenger; one employed to communicate news or information from one person to another at a distance. But appropriately,

2. A spirit, or a spiritual intelligent being employed by God to communicate his will to man. Hence angels are ministers of God, and ministring spirits. Heb. 1.

3. In a bad sense, an evil spirit; as, the angel of the bottomless pit. Math. 25. 1Cor 6. Rev. 9.

4. Christ, the mediator and head of the church. Rev. 10.

5. A minister of the gospel, who is an embassador of God. Rev. 2 and 3.

6. Any being whom God employs to execute his judgments. Rev. 16.

7. In the style of love, a very beautiful person.


ANGEL'ICAL, a. L. angelicus. Resembling angels; belonging to angels, or partaking of their nature; suiting the nature and dignity of angels.


ANGEL'ICALLY, adv. Like an angel.