KJV Dictionary Definition: amaze


AMA'ZE, v.t.

To confound with fear, sudden surprise, or wonder; to astonish.

They shall be afraid; they shall be amazed at one another. Is. 23.

They were all amazed and glorified God. Mark 2. Luke 5.

This word implies astonishment or perplexity, arising from something extraordinary, unexpected,unaccountable, or frightful.

AMA'ZE, n. Astonishment; confusion; perplexity, arising from fear, surprise or wonder. It is chiefly used in poetry, and is nearly synonymous with amazement.


AMA'ZED, pp. Astonished; confounded with fear, surprise or wonder.


AMA'ZEMENT, n. Astonishment; confusion or perplexity, from a sudden impression of fear, surprise or wonder. It is sometimes accompanied with fear or terror; sometimes merely extreme wonder or admiration at some great, sudden or unexpected event, at an unusual sight, or at the narration of extraordinary event.


AMA'ZING, ppr.

1. Confounding with fear, surprise or wonder.

2. a. Very wonderful; exciting astonishment, or perplexity.


AMA'ZINGLY, adv. In an astonishing degree; in a manner to excite astonishment, or to perplex, confound or terrify.