KJV Dictionary Definition: alarm


AL'ARM, n.

1. Any sound, outcry or information intended to give notice of approaching danger as, to sound an alarm.

2. A summon to arms.

3. Sudden surprise with fear or terror; as, the fire or the enemy excited an alarm.

4. Terror; a sensation excited by an apprehension of danger, from whatever cause; as, we felt an alarm at the cry of fire.

5. In fencing, an appeal or challenge.


AL'ARMED, pp. Notified of sudden danger; surprised with fear; roused to vigilance or activity by apprehension of approaching danger; solicitous at the prospect or expectation of evil. Thus, we are alarmed at the approach of danger, or alarmed for the safety of friends at sea.


AL'ARMING, ppr. Giving notice of approaching danger; rousing to vigilance; exciting solicitude by a prospect of evil.

AL'ARMING, a. Exciting apprehension; terrifying; awakening a sense of danger; as, an alarming message.


AL'ARMINGLY, adv. With alarm; in a manner to excite apprehension.