KJV Dictionary Definition: afore


AFO'RE, adv. or prep. a and fore.

1. In front.

2. Between one object and another, so as to intercept a direct view or intercourse; as, to stand between a person and the light of a candle - a popular use of the word.

3. Prior in time; before; anterior; prior time being considered as in front of subsequent time.

The grass which withereth afore it groweth up. Ps. 129.

In all these senses it is now inelegant, and superseded by before.

4. In seaman's language, toward the head of the ship; further forward, or nearer the stem; as, afore the windlas. Afore the mast, is a phrase which is applied to a common sailor, one who does duty on the main deck, or has no office on board the ship.