KJV Dictionary Definition: adam


AD'AM, n. In Heb., Man; primarily, the name of the human species, mankind; appropriately, the first Man, the progenitor of the human race. The word signifies form, shape, or suitable form, hence, species. It is evidently connected with Heb., to be like or equal, to form an image, to assimilate. Whence the sense of likeness, image, form, shape; Gr., a body, like. See Man.

Adam's apple, a species of citron See Citron also the prominent part of the throat.

Ad'am's needle, the popular name of the yucca, a plant of four species, cultivated in gardens. Of the roots, the Indians made a kind of bread. See Yucca.


AD'AMANT, n. Gr.; L. adamas; a word of Celtic origin.

A very hard or impenetrable stone; a name given to the diamond and other substances of extreme hardness. The name has often been given to the load stone; but in modern mineralogy, it has no technical signification.


AD'AMIC, a. Pertaining to Adam. Adamic earth, is the term given to common red clay, so called by means of a mistaken opinion that Adam means red earth.