KJV Dictionary Definition: act


ACT, v.i. Gr., Lat. to urge, drive, lead, bring, do, perform, or in general to move, to exert force.

1. To exert power; as, the stomach acts upon food; the will acts upon the body in producing motion.

2. To be in action or motion; to move

He hangs between in doubt to act or rest.

3. To behave, demean, or conduct, as in morals, private duties, or public offices; as, we know not why a minister has acted in this manner. But in this sense, it is most frequent in popular language; as, how the man acts or has acted.

To act up to, is to equal in action; to fulfil or perform a correspondent action; as he has acted up to his engagement or his advantages.


ACT'ED, pp. Done; performed; represented on the stage.


ACT'ING, ppr. Doing; performing; behaving; representing the character of another.

ACT'ING, n. Action; act of performing a part of a play.