KJV Dictionary Definition: accusable


ACCU'SABLE,a. That may be accused; chargeable with a crime; blamable; liable to censure; followed by of.


ACCU'SANT, n. One who accuses.



1. The act of charging with a crime or offense; the act of accusing of any wrong or injustice.

2. The charge of an offense or crime; or the declaration containing the charge.

They set over his head his accusation. Mat. 27.


ACCU'SATIVE, a. A term given to a case of nouns, in Grammars, on which the action of a verb terminates or falls; called in English Grammar the objective case.



1. In an accusative manner.

2. In relation to the accusative case in Grammar.


ACCU'SE, v.t. L. accuso, to blame or accuse; ad and causor, to blame, or accuse; causa, blame, suit, or process, cause. See Cause.

1. To charge with, or declare to have committed a crime, either by plaint, or complaint, information, indictment, or impeachment; to charge with an offense against the laws, judicially or by a public process; as, to accuse one of a high crime or misdemeanor.

2. To charge with a fault; to blame.

Their thoughts, in the meanwhile, accusing or excusing one another. Rom. 2.

It is followed by of before the subject of accusation; the use of for after this verb is illegitimate.


ACCU'SED, pp. Charged with a crime, by a legal process; charged with an offense; blamed.


ACCU'SER, n. One who accuses or blames; an officer who prefers an accusation against another for some offense, in the name of the government, before a tribunal that has cognizance of the offense.


ACCU'SING, ppr. Charging with a crime; blaming.