KJV Dictionary Definition: access


ACCESS', n. L. accessus, from accedo. See Accede.

1. A coming to; near approach; admittance; admission, as to gain access to a prince.

2. Approach, or the way by which a thing may be approached; as, the access is by a neck of land.

3. Means of approach; liberty to approach; implying previous obstacles.

By whom also we have access by faith. Rom. v.

4. Admission to sexual intercourse.

During coverture, access of the husband shall be presumed, unless the contrary be shown.

5. Addition; increase by something added; as an access of territory; but in this sense accession is more generally used.

6. The return of a fit or paroxysm of disease, or fever. In this sense accession is generally used.


ACCESSIBIL'ITY, n. The quality of being approachable; or of admitting access.



1. That may be approached or reached; approachable; applied to things; as an accessible town or mountain.

2. Easy of approach, affable, used of persons.


ACCESS'ION, n. L. accessio.

1. A coming to; an acceding to and joining; as a king's accession to a confederacy.

2. Increase by something added; that which is added; augmentation; as an accession of wealth or territory.

3. In law, a mode of acquiring property, by which the owner of a corporeal substance, which receives an addition by growth, or by labor, has a right to the thing added or the improvement; provided the thing is not changed into a different species. Thus the owner of a cow becomes the owner of her calf.

4. The act of arriving at a throne, an office, or dignity.

5. That which is added.

The only accession which the Roman Empire received, was the province of Britain.

6. The invasion of a fit of a periodical disease, or fever. It differs from exacerbation. Accession implies a total previous intermission, as of a fever; exacerbation implies only a previous remission or abatement of violence.